Миссия и Ценности

The main task of the Company at this stage of development is to diversify its core business. The acquisition of basic technological equipment, training of specialists and participation in the project will allow the company to master and start working on the production of new types of products. The main goal is to extract high revenues and achieve a high level of profitability of the enterprise, which is planned by expanding the range of products with minimal costs for organizing production.

The development of production of new types of finished products pursues the following goals

  • Organization of production of pressure vessels and direct-acting heater treaters on the basis of existing production areas of the plant with the purchase of new equipment;
  • Production of new types of competitive products in order to expand the company's product range and cover an additional area of the oilfield equipment market;
  • Increasing the productivity of the main staff by automating all welding operations;
  • Ensuring adequate return on investment.



  •   Recognition as the best enterprise in the production sector in the competition (2017);
  •   Certification of the Quality Management System in Orion Registrar, Inc. USA on Environmental Management, Labor Protection and Industrial Safety(2017);
  •   Certification of the Quality Management System according to API Spec. Q1 and ISO 9001:2015 from the American Petroleum Institute(2018). 


Become the # 1 supplier in the minds of our customers, so that our partners do not lack equipment for oil production. 



We are not afraid of change. Anticipating the needs of tomorrow, we try to be simpler and act quickly. 



We are a big family, confidently moving towards great goals, and we are proud of our heritage. 



People are the most valuable thing we have. We make sure that every employee returns home healthy.