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Limited Liability Partnership



How it's started

The plant was built in 1985. At that time, the Novosibirsk branch of «Промстальконструкция» company operated in the region, which produced various metal forms(formwork) for iron-concrete structures: wall blocks, floor slabs, foundation beams, and etc.



The plant took a new, completely unfamiliar direction – products for the oil and gas industry. The plant has received the license for the manufacture and production of oilfield, drilling and storage equipment in 1997. At the same time, a machine model IB2222 for rolling shells was installed and put into operation. The very first equipment that Kaskor-Mashzavod produced is the PP-0,63 oil track heater.

2015 - 2018


In recent years, the company has achieved the following:   2017 – Altyn Sapa                                                             2017 – The best enterprise of industrial purpose                 2018 – environmental management, health and industrial         safety Orion Registrar, Inc.USA                                         2018 – Certification of the Quality Management System     according to API Spec. Q1 and ISO 9001:2015 of the   American Petroleum Institute.




Later, the branch was purchased by the Corporation “Caspian mining and metallurgical combine” and on March 3, 1990, a new machine-building plant “Kaskor-Mashzavod” was formed. The main products of the plant were: lines for continuous production of casein, milk storage tanks, pasteurizers and milk thickeners.


The first steps

After mastering the first track heaters, the plant continued its operation by producing completely new equipments: furnaces, wellhead heaters, ground and underground tank.
The plant started to produce own wellhead heaters of the UN modelThe author and patent holder for the wellhead heater is its Technical director – Yergaliev Zhumali Zhazimbayevich. This product is continuously producing and has a great demand.

Another important achievement is the development of pumping and compressor pipes (tubing), which is highly demanded within other products, and which moves the plant forward to expand its production.


Bright future

Now JSC “Kaskor Mashzavod” is known as one of the leading machine-building enterprises of the Mangistau region, which produces a whole line of oilfield and chemical equipment for the needs of oil and gas sector. The company constantly develops according to the latest trends. An example of this is the fact theat company received the certification for compliance with the requirements of API Spec. 5CT and ASME Monogram “U”standards.

About us

LLP “Kaskor-Mashzavod” is one of the leading machine-building enterprises in Kazakhstan. The plant is equipped with modern equipment that performs various technical complex works. Being in the center of the oil and gas Mangistau region, company succesfully support oil and gas sector in the region. The companys’ products are appreciated in varios prestigious competitions and exhibitions of the regional, national and international scale. LLP “Kaskor-Mashzavod” is one of the leading company in the region that produce oilfield and chemical equipment for the needs of oil and gas sphere. The management and staff of the enterprise express a huge  confidence that business and friendly ties with current partners will serve to develop mutually beneficial relations with new partners and strengthen the national economy of the country in the future.