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Application of paint and protective coatings

Applying paint and protective coatings to metal structures is an important technological process that affects not only the presentable appearance of products, but also provides protection against corrosion. The coating serves as a diffusion barrier that prevents access to the metal, corrosive environment (water, air oxygen, etc.). For applying paint and protective coatings, there are various methods, the method of applying paint and varnish material is chosen taking into account the type of part, its dimensions, purpose, requirements for the finished coating, economic feasibility, production conditions, etc. For applying protective coatings, JSC “Kaskor-Mashzavod” uses anti – corrosion and anti-fouling coatings-Jotun; quick – drying enamel- NC with a drying time of 15-30 minutes; resistant to environmental influences, as well as to mineral and synthetic fats, oils, aggressive solvents PF.

In order for paint products to lay on the surface of metal structures properly, high-quality pre-treatment is required, which increases the protective properties of the metal. There are two types of preliminary preparation for applying paint and protective coatings: sandblasting and shot blasting. The essence of these methods is to process the metal surface with a powerful jet of compressed air mixed with particles of abrasive materials.

Shot blasting is the effect of abrasive particles on metal parts. Steel or cast-iron shot flies at high speed from the nozzle of the shot blasting machine and hits the surface to be processed, resulting in a protective layer with a high compressive stress. The processed part has good anti-corrosion properties, as the surface is completely cleaned of rust, scale, remnants of old coatings, oil and other contaminants. Processing is necessary before painting or applying a protective coating on them. Unlike sandblasting, shot is better and faster to clean any metal surface.

Sandblasting — cold abrasive treatment of the surface of metal products, by damaging its surface with sand or other abrasive powder, sprayed by a stream of air, air with water (pneumohydroblasting method), or only by a jet of water or other liquid (hydrojet method). For some types of products, according to the technological process, it is necessary to apply a protective insulation coating. This process is outsourced to the chemical Protection company, despite the performance of insulation work by specialists of another company, JSC “Kaskor-Mashzavod”, controls the performance of work in accordance with the technology and checks the qualifications of personnel, and therefore the process is under full control of the company.


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