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Production of various types of metal structures

Metal structures are a complex of interconnected elements (profile pipes, corner, channel, brands, I-beams, etc.) that are assembled in different ways, which allows you to create an object of the required configuration and functionality.

We produce welded metal products that meet generally accepted norms and standards, which ensures high quality products.
The production process at our company is based on input quality control of manufactured products and preparation of rolled metal for the production of structural elements. The next stage is the preparatory stage, which is based on the preparation of parts for further production. The finished product is considered after welding, Assembly, and processing. The products are then packaged and prepared for delivery to the customer.
The production facilities and equipment used allow us to produce up to 1000 tons of finished products per month. We guarantee the reliability of metal structures, because we use only high-quality rolled metal, the quality of which is confirmed by factory certificates, the production of metal structures is carried out on high-precision equipment, work is carried out by certified welders and locksmiths.


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