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Gas-sand anchor YAGP-3-108-2000

According to the standard ST AO 970740000987-001-2020

The gas-filling anchor is attached to the lower coupling of the lock support of the plug-in pump using a tubing pipe screwed to the upper adapter, or it is installed directly on the suction valve body of the non-plug-in pump through the upper adapter. The gas-Stripping anchor operates on the principles of centrifugal, gravitational and mechanical cleaning.

The thread on the adapters of the gas-sand anchor mated to the tubing is performed in accordance with GOST 633-80 (thread of smooth pipes). At the request of the customer, the thread of the adapters can be performed in accordance with GOST 633-80 (tubing thread with the ends planted out).

The scope of delivery of the gas anchor includes:

Ø gas-sand Anchor, set-1;

Ø operation Manual, set-1;

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        Technical characteristics and parameters

Name of the working parameter Unit Value
Diameter of the conditional passage of the anchor mm 50
Nominal liquid supply by pump m3/day 50
Composition and physico-chemical properties of the pumped liquid: water content % to 99
H2S content mg/l not more than 50
Concentration of hydrogen ions рН 4…8
The content of mechanical impurities g/l 1,3…3,5
Kinematic viscosity mm2/s up to 40
Free gas content at the reception of % to 50
Overall dimensions:

Length (without collection of mechanical impurities)

The outer diameter







Number of tubing installed as a collector of mechanical impurities pc 3…5

























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