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The receiving bridge

The receiving bridge is designed for placement and laying of drill pipes, pump-compressor pipes, and casing pipes. The receiving bridge for pipes is used in the production of descent and lifting operations on wells by major repair teams.

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Before removing pipes from the well, its mouth is equipped with a funnel with a drain pipe, above which a platform is installed on racks. Then the device is brought closer to the receiving bridge platform and installed with a slope. When lifting pipes from the well, the spilled well fluid, as well as oil stuck to the pipes, flows down the deck into the tank. After lowering the pipe to the receiving bridge, it is dragged to the storage device with complaints, where the liquid flows down from the surface of the pipes and enters the tank. During processing, asphalt-resinous substances and paraffin also fall on the surface of the receiving platform, then merge into the tank located under the receiving bridge. The bridge design ensures safe operation during well repairs of various types.


11850 mm


2400 mm


2100 mm


5000 kg


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