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Wellhead heater

Associated or natural gas enters the medium-pressure injection burner through a gas collector and a plug tap, where it mixes with air to form a gas-air mixture ignited by the igniter flame. The gas-air mixture, burning in the combustion chamber of the burner, emits a large amount of heat in the furnace. Heat is transferred through the furnace wall to the heat carrier located in the heater housing. The level of the heat carrier (water) is controlled with a level indicator located in the expansion barrel. The gas-oil mixture enters the coil through the pipeline (inlet), where it is heated to the set temperature. The heated medium is diverted from the wellhead heater to the process pipeline through the pipeline (outlet).

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Automated gas station

UN-0, 2M3 (Wellhead heater) with water coolant is designed for heating oil, in order to prevent paraffinization and solidification of it on pipeline lines.

The author and patent holder of the wellhead heater UN-0, 2M3 is the technical Director of JSC “Kaskor-Mashzavod” – yergaliev Zhumali Zhazimbayevich.

Copyright certificate No. 40340 from the National patent office.


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