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OVEN PP-0,63, PP-0,63 A (Track heater)

Automated block gas furnace PP-0,63, PP-0,63 A (track heater) with water coolant is designed for heating dehydrated oil, oil emulsions and water in oil fields

Associated petroleum gas through a gas collector and a tap enters a medium-pressure injection burner, where, mixing with air, it forms an air mixture that is ignited by the igniter flame. The gas-air mixture, burning in the combustion chamber of the burner and in the furnace, emits a large amount of heat. Heat is transferred through the furnace burner to the heat carrier (water) in the vessel of the track heater. Oil flows through the pipeline to the coil, where it is heated to the set temperature. The heated oil is diverted from the track heater through the pipeline. The heater is equipped with an automation system with automatic visual control. The automation system is designed for ignition of burner devices, regulation of technological parameters of the oil heating process. The automation system provides local visual control of the following main process parameters:

Oil pressure at the inlet and outlet of the heater;
Fuel gas pressure before and after the filter;
Fuel gas pressure before the burner after reduction;
The pressure of the fuel gas before ignition burner;
Oil inlet and outlet temperatures of the heater;
Intermediate heat carrier level;


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